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A Hero’s Tail

We often work with the Police Dogs of South Wales, and are pleased to be able to support them in the care of their animals. Now, we have an opportunity to support them indirectly too, with your help.The officers and staff of the South Wales Police Dog and Mounted Section want to upgrade facilities for their service partners, but do not have public funds available. In partnership with Wood Green The Animals Charity and The Dogs Trust, they … [Read More...]

Pets and Less Common Poisons

Our latest blog post focuses on some of the less common products that can cause poisoning in your petsEveryone knows that certain human foods and products can be harmful for your pet animals, such as chocolate, onions and grapes (including raisins). In this blog post, we wanted to raise awareness of some less commonly known products which can be harmful to animals, two of which we have seen recently and one which has been in the news. Many … [Read More...]