Tonypandy is a Cat Friendly Clinic

We are very pleased to announce that our Tonypandy branch has been independently assessed and awarded the highest award of Gold for being a Cat Friendly Clinic. The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) independently assesses veterinary practices for their dedication to Cat Care. We have been working towards the Gold Standard since before we opened – designing best principles for cat care into the building from the start.

We are one of only three practices in South Wales to have been recognised with the highest standard of Gold.

We recognise that because of their unique nature and needs, taking a cat to a veterinary clinic can be very stressful, both for the cat and also the owner.

The Cat Friendly Clinic programme is designed to help address these issues by creating more cat friendly veterinary clinics and so reducing the stress for the cat, and making veterinary visits easier for cat owners as well.

From the beginning of our journey to renovate and build our Tonypandy clinic, we have designed it to be cat friendly. This includes our gold-standard cat kennels, longer consultations than other veterinary clinics and separate cat and dog waiting areas to help minimise cat stress. We invest in special training for staff to ensure that cats don’t get stressed by their visit – we appreciate handling cats can be very different to dogs and do everything we can to make their visit easier. Extra equipment such as hiding places in their kennels and products just for cats, such as Feliway plugins, help relax them while they stay with us.

Find out more about the scheme by clicking here: Cat Friendly Scheme Leaflet

Our Gold Standard cat kennels are larger than standard cat kennels, deeper and warmer than stainless steel kennels. They are quieter and have special areas for cats to hide in. Since installing these, we’ve noticed a big difference – our cat inpatients are now calmer and happier!