Coronavirus 2019 Outbreak Updates

Times are hard but we’re here to help!

Everyone is struggling with the Coronavirus Outbreak worldwide and the UK is currently in a state of lockdown. Here’s how it affects us and our care for your pets;

Fortunately we are still open at both practices and everything is working as normal.

Most important – please do not attend unless you have called first – we are operating a very reduced staff to take care of urgent animal health issues as our main priority. Details about flea/worming and prescriptions can be seen below.

Unfortunately, due to the state of lockdown in the UK and the need to reduce all non-essential travel and leaving the home, our service is only able to see urgent and emergency care cases.

That means Boosters, Neutering, Puppy and Kitten vaccines and other routine appointments are on hold. But don’t worry – we will ensure that this doesn’t affect your pet’s health long term and once things are back to normal we will act quickly to help you get back to normal as well.

Firstly – there’s no need to worry about your pet’s health with regards to Coronavirus itself. There is NO evidence that COVID-19 affects dogs or cats. There can be confusing terms flying around in the press – ‘Coronavirus’ is a name for a big family of viruses, some of which affect dogs and cats only but they are not related to COVID-19

What does this mean for you and your pets?

We are still developing and responding to changes every day but here’s the current advice we have;

  • RING us before coming down so we can confirm if you have an appointment or need one.
  • You may be asked to wait in your CAR and your animal will be seen by our dedicated team without you present.
  • We are currently operating strict BIOSECURITY measures which will affect how we see and deal with cases – please follow instructions offered by our reception team.
  • DO NOT ATTEND if you are suffering from respiratory symptoms or have a fever – call us and we will help arrange something where a relative or someone else can bring the animal to us.
  • Please be prepared to pay by CARD to minimise cash handling
  • PHONE consults will be offered in some cases instead of needing you to visit the practice – these may take the place of repeat meds checks, non-urgent healthcare etc. The RCVS has given us significantly relaxed rules to allow us to ensure your animals’ healthcare is sorted. Phone consults will incur a consult charge as they do take significant vet time and are designed to replace a normal consult – if your animal still needs to come in, you won’t be charged for the same consult twice.  This doesn’t apply to general phone advice which we can provide as usual.
  • DO NOT abuse or get upset or angry with our staff. We are all trying our best in a difficult time and they are unable to stay at home – they are putting themselves at risk to look after your pets. Everyone has relatives they are worried about and these measures are for the health of everyone in society.
  • We are still issuing REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS as normal – give us a ring as usual and we will arrange the meds. Please be aware that we need EXTRA NOTICE for your usual meds as our supplier is taking longer to deliver – please let us know at least 7 DAYS before you need more medication. When collecting medication you will be asked to pay over the phone and wait in your car outside, let us know you are here and we will bring it out to you.
  • FLEA and WORMING medication – please do not come down but ring us and we will add you to a list and we will post it out. This will take a few days to organise and is free of charge for our Pet Health Plan subscribers and £4 for all others – this is just to cover postage costs.
  • You can follow regular updates and issues on our facebook page here: FACEBOOK

Everyone understands this is a frustrating and difficult time and you will be worried about your pets. Our whole team is prepared and planned for this lockdown and are able to help anyone who needs it.

an infographic detailing points about coronavirus