Meet Flash! – and see some details of our orthopaedic services and equipment in Tonypandy

Meet Flash!

Flash was out for a walk and he had the misfortune to break his leg while jumping over a wall.

Fortunately, we now offer a variety of in house orthopaedic (bone) procedures with our surgeon Jon. Most of this is performed in our Tonypandy branch but animals are often assessed or followed up at Treforest Vets as well.

This let us diagnose and treat Flash quickly all in one place. He needed surgery to put a plate and screws in his broken leg, but this went well and he was walking on it again within days!

As you can see from the XRays on this page, Flash’s break was a nasty one, but we were able to repair plate it and he is now doing really well. The photo of him here was taken only 3 days after his surgery.

Expanding our orthopaedic services

In the past, orthopaedic work would often need to be sent to other specialised practices but we have invested significantly in training and equipment to allow us to do much more of this. We now offer a range of services including fracture repair, cruciate repair (using various techniques such as MMP, Wedge osteotomy and lateral suture), hip and elbow dysplasia screening via the BVA and hip/pelvis surgery.

This is all part of our ongoing dedication to investment to provide a complete veterinary service. We will continue to expand our orthopaedic, cruciate and fracture service over the coming years, alongside our other services.

Our most recent investment in equipment was a brand new ‘floating’ XRay table. This allows for easy positioning of an animal for XRays so we can take images quicker and with less movement for the patient. This, combined with our existing digital XRay developing system has made our radiography skills top-notch!

Floating XRay table

A floating XRay table for easy image capturing

Tonypandy XRay Machine

The XRay machine developer in Tonypandy

Flash after his surgery standing on a table
Flash pre op
XRAY Flash Leg 1
Flash XRAY post op 2