front page of the book a hero's tail, about police dogs

We often work with the Police Dogs of South Wales,

and are pleased to be able to support them in the care of their animals. Now, we have an opportunity to support them indirectly too, with your help.

The officers and staff of the South Wales Police Dog and Mounted Section want to upgrade facilities for their service partners, but do not have public funds available. In partnership with Wood Green The Animals Charity and The Dogs Trust, they have produced a book of over 90 true tales. These events seen while working in partnership with service animals, helping provide you with an insight into the courage, humour, dedication and hard work that goes into the partnership between police officers and their animals. The book has a foreword by Paul O’Grady and more details and a sample chapter can be found at A Hero’s Tail Website.

We will be supporting them by selling the book (£9.99 with 100% of this going to the Police and Wood Green animal charity).In addition, to help them reach their goal we at Treforest Vets will also match this donation for the first 20 books sold. You can get hold of a copy just by dropping in.A Hero’s Tail