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Pet Health Leaflets

On this page you will find some useful leaflets on a variety of pet health topics

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Leaflet 1 – Problems with fleas

Fleas can be one of the most irritating health problems you pets can get. They mainly afflict cats and dogs, but can also affect rabbits and small animals as well. Unfortunately once you’ve got fleas, getting rid of them isn’t easy! In this leaflet we discuss the best ways to prevent fleas and how to get rid of them. Struggling? Give us a call and we can check your pet over and provide more advice and appropriate medication for your pet.

Leaflet 2 – Taking your Pet Abroad (Updated! Post-Brexit 2021 Rules in this new leaflet)

As the rules have relaxed, more and more people are enjoying the freedom of being able to take their dog or cat abroad on holiday. Although, to be honest, not many cats go on holiday so this leaflet mainly focuses on dogs! Although the process is easier than ever before, there are still important rules and pitfalls to be careful of, and you will need an Animal Health Certificate each time. This leaflet covers the basics of taking your pet abroad, including certificates and increased health risks. As always, our friendly staff are on hand to offer advice and the best treatments to minimise any increased health risk.

Leaflet 3 – Skin Allergies in Dogs

Many dogs suffer from skin problems – itching, skin infections and allergies which can cause inflammation. We see all types of skin problem on a regular basis and are well equipped to deal with them. Some dogs may need lifelong therapy for severe allergies and we can help with the investigation and treatment needed to ensure your dog leads a comfortable life. This leaflet contains lots of useful tips and info on some of the more common types of itchy skin problems.

Leaflet 4 – Your New Puppy

A new addition to the family is always an exciting time! Whether you’ve have dogs before or are new to the club, this leaflet will help guide you through the early stages of puppy ownership with up-to-date recommendations on health, worming, fleaing, vaccines and behavioural tips! As always, if you have questions or issues, we are here to help – we offer a range of puppy vaccine packages and provide your first healthcheck at registration for your new addition free of charge.

Leaflet 5 – Your New Kitten

Having a new kitten at home can be an exciting and stressful time for new cat owners and experienced alike! This leaflet contains lots of useful tips on kitten behaviour and their health requirements like vaccines, fleaing and worming.

Leaflet 6 – Rabbit Care

This leaflet covers the basics of rabbit care including feeding and housing. Rabbits are very different to dogs and cats and have quite specialised requirements to keep them in tip-top shape. Did you know, Rabbits’ teeth keep growing all through their life?

Leaflet 7 – Care of Breeding Bitches

Many people choose to breed from their dogs at home. With some care, this can be rewarding – but it can also lead to problems for the mother and the puppies. This leaflet covers the basics of breeding bitches, from pre-mating all the way through to worming the puppies. As always,if you have any queries, please call our friendly team. We offer an ultrasound scanning service to confirm pregnancy – this is most useful about 4 to 5 weeks post-mating.