Recommended for all cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets,

It’s now a legal requirement for all dogs in the UK to be microchipped – it’s recommended for cats too.

While it’s not nice to think about losing your companion, it’s unfortunately a reality for approximately 60 cat and dog owners every HOUR! That’s right. By the end of the day hundreds of animals will find themselves candidates for a ‘missing’ poster. That’s why microchipping your pet is so important.

Microchipping is quick, relatively painless and only ever has to be done once. It involves a microchip (roughly the size of a grain of rice) being inserted under the skin between your companion’s shoulder blades.

When your pet’s chip is scanned using a specialist hand-held device it will reveal a code. This code is unique to your companion and will be stored in a national computerised database (which can be accessed 24/7) along with all of your contact details.

As well providing peace of mind that your pet has your contact details with them at all times, microchipping has recently become a legal requirement for all dogs in the UK. This decision will hopefully prevent illegal activities such as puppy farming and theft, and hold owners of dangerous animals accountable.

At Treforest Vets each member of our team has their pet microchipped. They’re far more reliable than ID collars and tags, and strongly recommended for all cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets, as well as any other small furries who are allowed to roam freely.

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