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Having your companion neutered is nothing to worry about at Treforest Vets

Neutering doesn’t just prevent pregnancies, but unwanted health and behaviour problems too.

Your pet’s health is important to you isn’t it? But while you’re most likely already aware that having your companion neutered will prevent unwanted surprises, did you know the procedure can prevent a number of health and behavioural problems too?

Neutering (often referred to as de-sexing) is when an animal has their sexual organs removed. If you do not intend to breed from your pet this is the most responsible action to take. As well as being extremely time consuming, litters of baby animals can be costly too.

"It's not just cats and dogs that can be neutered, but rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs too. In fact, if you are a ferret owner you’re strongly advised to speak with a member of our team about the dangers posed to your female pet if they are left unneutered."

Andrew O'Donnell – Practice Director

Having your companion neutered is nothing to worry about at Treforest Vets. Our veterinary surgeons each have a wealth of experience conducting this common procedure and in most cases, pets are at home recovering with their family later the same day.

There are a number of benefits to having a female animal neutered (spayed). These include prevention of pregnancy, uterus infections and reducing breast cancer, and no longer coming into season, bleeding and attracting unwanted attention from males.

Neutered (castrated) male animals on the other hand will experience the following benefits: prevention of testicular cancer and prevention of mating with siblings. Roaming, aggressive behaviour and urinary marking are also significantly less likely.

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