Puppy and Kitten Vaccines

Vaccination packages for puppies and kittens

We know that getting started with your new family addition can be daunting. That’s why we offer a range of vaccination packages to help fully protect your new Puppy or Kitten and get them off to the best start in life. The packages all come with a full health check, discussion with the vet about any concerns you might have and our full recommended vaccines for your Puppy or Kitten. Take a look below at exactly what’s included and the prices. Remember, if you need any advice just call our friendly team and they can help book an appointment – you don’t need to decide on a vaccine package before seeing the vet if you’d rather chat before deciding!

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Puppy Vaccine Packages

Now you’ve got your new puppy, vaccination is a critical part of ensuring they get the best healthcare and to minimise the risk of transmissible diseases. We offer a full course of vaccinations, including 4 weeks free insurance, a thorough healthcheck and free fleaing and worming from just £55. Our 4 weeks free insurance comes with no payment and no obligation needed – but ensures your puppy is covered in the first few weeks they spend with you.


Click here if you’d like to book an appointment or contact our friendly team if you want to discuss anything further.

Kitten Vaccine Packages

Your new Kitten needs the best protection – and that’s what we offer. We include a vaccine (Chlamydophila, a type of Cat Flu) as standard which many other practices only offer as an optional extra – so you know they’re vaccinated against everything they need to be. Our Kitten packages also come with 4 weeks free insurance (no payment or obligation needed) and fleaing and worming from just £70.


Click here if you’d like to book an appointment or contact our friendly team if you want to discuss anything further.

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