Vaccination packages for puppies and kittens

We offer three different vaccination packages for puppies and kittens.

Baby animals are undoubtedly extremely exciting, not to mention cute. However, just as baby humans should be protected against harmful health problems, so should your new pet.

A vaccination is an injection that is given to your companion to prevent them from developing potentially fatal health conditions. They work by injecting a weak strain of a certain disease into your pet’s blood stream, forcing their immune system to form the necessary defences to fend it off in the future.

Most baby animals require one vaccination when they’re a few weeks old, and then another a couple of weeks later. They will have to have annual ‘booster’ vaccinations for the rest of their life to keep their immunity levels topped up. But don’t worry: the majority of animals don’t even feel these injections – they’re too focussed on the fuss they’re receiving!

At Treforest Vets we appreciate that there’s a lot you need to think about when you get a new pet. As well as their vaccinations, it’s recommended that your companion is microchipped and treated for parasites too. That’s why we’ve created our puppy and kitten starter packs to help you provide your pet with the essential treatments they need to have the best start in life.

Please note that while our packages are only available for puppies and kittens, it’s still extremely important that small furries, particularly rabbits, are vaccinated too (we offer this service in practice).

Click here for more information about what our vaccine packages include.

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